Fortress is alpha software and not yet ready for production use.

Sign In As You

You have your own personal website or a profile on a platform you use a lot. With IndieAuth, you can use it as a means of signing in! No more extra passwords.

A Web resource that you own.


Designed For People, Not Machines

This approach for authentication lets you portably move from relying on a company to provide your data and identity to you defining it on your own terms; exposing the bits of data that you choose to provide.


Sites that support IndieAuth as a means of logging in never need to know how you signed in and you never need to expose more information than you have to when authenticating yourself.


Fortress works with silos and federated services by allowing you to verify your identity with them and use them as a means of identifying yourself to a Website.

Plug and Play

It's a fast way for application developers to get up and running with supporting IndieWeb-capable identities. Your site becomes your source of truth and identity on the Web.

Easy to Remember

No more stressing over what password, username or e-mail you've used for a particular site — Fortress abstracts that away for developers and lets the user define how they'll identity themselves.

Try it Out

Sign in using your URL to access a dashboard specifically for your site held here on Fortress.

A Web resource that you own or control.